Parents go through tough times when handling toddlers during the early growth stages of the child. Parenting can be a very challenging job when you have a full-time job to attend while balancing tasks at home. For you to enjoy some quiet time and also for your child to enjoy some play time, there are creative ways you can use in life helping both sides. Watching cartoons or TV the entire time will be effective for a short time period but can’t be be done for a long period of time as it’s not healthy for the child as well. Here are some few tips that can be used by you in your daily schedule to keep away from toddler tantrums

Fun activities

There are loads of emerging fun activities for toddles coming up such as interesting gaming areas where you need to get together with other children in the play area and make building blocks, climbing the robe ladder and many more. It’s great for a free afternoon time where you can spend some nice time with the child and make a stronger bond. You can also make your child join toddler dance classes which have fun ways to learn dancing in beach shore locations. These new effective ways will make your toddle be distracted and be a joyful happy bubble.

Cool Snacks

With the increase of different products for toddlers, there are various creative substitutes you can use to keep them distracted for a while. Toddlers at that age loves to explore new things and make some experiments. Give them a chance to try out different cereals of different flavors and make their own breakfast bowl with the flavors they like. Alphabet cereal is also one great addition to it for a toddler in a stage of learning new letters. Try out these new additions in the market and give your toddler a chance to experience and explore new thing. This also improves the cognitive ability in the meantime which is a plus point.

Toy Area

Having a toy area is also a perfect solution for a toddler since it’s like the child’s own Disneyland insidethe house. Go with your toddler for a round of shopping to buy their favorite toys. Different children love different things that can vary from toy cars, barbie houses, puzzles, stuffed animals. Toy kitchens and many more. Let them pick what they like rather than trying to pick for the child. After all they need to enjoy their play area. Make sure there is a small fence or a boundary to demarcate the play area since you don’t want a messy house at the end of the day.

Making chores fun

It’s the perfect opportunity to make your toddler love house chores from the small age. It takes only a bit of creativity to make them love these works. Some can be watering the garden which can be done as an activity. Washing few cups and rewarding them with sweets. Use different fun methods to keep the child engaged so that both chores and happy times can be achieved within one time. It’s time to follow these few tips and keep your toddler happy and worry free.


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