Watching your friend in sorrow is not an easy task. It could be anything; a loss of a family member, a chronic disease, work problems, relationship problems or failing in a test. You may offer to do anything in your capacity to cheer him up but sometimes even you might be clueless as to how you can comfort him. So here are some simple things you can do to make sure you be there for him.

  1. Just listen

Sometimes, your friend may not want any solutions from you or you may not have any solutions either. In such times, all you need to simply do is listening to her problems. Even though you cannot be of any help, you can help lighten the burden in his heart by sharing his sorrows. Make sure you are not distracted by anything and give your fullest attention. Do not keep checking your phone or talking to other. Maintain eye contact to let him know you really care. Also, make him feel that they can talk to whenever he needs.

  1. Make life easier for him

Your friend may not be able to do his most basic activities and household chores so help him out with them. Run errands, bring some food in, do the grocery shopping, clean the house a little bit etc. However, make sure you ask him first before taking any decision around the house. You are there to help, not run the household.

  1. Send him a gift

If you what he exactly likes in such a situation, go for it. If he likes to enjoy comfort food, head down to his favourite cheese shop Singapore and get him something. If he has been talking about something specific, try to buy that as a gift. It could be watch, perfume, golf club or fishing gear. Send a note or funny card to cheer him up and to remind him that you will have his back always.

  1. Go for a walk

Stepping out of the house is a good way to take his mind off stuff. Take a long walk in the park or sit by the lake and talk. You don’t have to talk about the problem but talk about other funny incidents that would cheer him up or simply admire nature’s beauty. Nature has a unique way of comforting when troubled so enjoy every minute.

  1. Watch a movie                                                                                                                                                 Watch a movie that you both enjoy so that it will be fun. It could be a comedy, action or romantic; it hardly matters.     Order in some food and popcorn and have a great time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
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