A garden wedding gives this life’s celebration a dash of magic and romance compared to indoor weddings. With a little work and some creativity, you can work out a realistic plan and do away with what Mother Nature has to offer.


This is probably your foremost concern for your guests and your wedding. Since weather can be so erratic these days, it might be best to prepare ahead of time. For simple gatherings, you can have this set-up in your backyard. These are installed by professionals so checking for your local listings should provide you a wealth of information for these services.


You can still achieve elegance with simplicity. But if you think about it, nature is already your best decoration for this type of set-up. You will only look around and de-clutter. Are there garbage cans on sight? Are there certain items that need to be hidden while this celebration is taking place? If there are things you’d want to ‘cover’, your florist may have large palms for rent. You can use large plants grouped together to hide other items that may be unsightly for your wedding photos. If you want to cover chipped paints, decorate your areas with streamers and ribbons.

You can use simple backdrops to take photos with your guests. A stone wall may make a good focal point for your pictures. Your local shops may offer these for rent. It’s cheaper and you don’t have to worry about disposing of it later on as you can just return this after use. There are also metal arches you can check and have decorated with flowers and tulles if stone walls are not an option.

Simplify And Hire An Organizer

If you have more than a hundred guests, chances are you’d be too distracted with your own preparations for the big day. Hiring a reputable organizer may come at an extra cost but they certainly take a load-full of worries off your hands.

They are also knowledgeable about venues for a garden wedding in Melbourne so you don’t have to spend time researching. They take care of everything from preparations to gowns to food. You may have your own set of inspirations so don’t hesitate to bring it to the table during planning. This is to ensure smoother transition on expectations and setting goals.

Budget And Planning

It is important that you’ve already set your house in order. That means you’ve planned this through and you’ve already decided the budget for this event. This may involve conversations with family members who may be planning to chip in for the event. Take time to think this through with your soon-to-be-spouse and lay out the plans on how you’re going to set budgeting on catering, gowns, invitations, photography fees, etc. When you plan ahead, you are keeping yourselves from a head-on collision with unexpected costs and urge you to cash out more than you intended. Leave enough margins for later so you can still enjoy this event without breaking your wallet.

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