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A bouquet for every occasion

Literary every womanadores flowers. This even maybe your ticket to making peace after a small fight or getting out of something that you have done to piss her off. Take my word for it, if ever you take the effort to specially present a romantic gestureof any sort for her, […]


Going Green on a Bridal/Baby Shower

With work and social media stealing most of our precious time we would otherwise spend with family and friends, these parties that come with a name, be it bridal or baby showers or even gender reveal parties, are giving us more opportunities to smile little more and have some fun […]

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Have a Swimming Party

A party somehow releases your stress if you have friends around you who makes you feel good about yourself. If you have people around you who doesn’t give importance to you maybe you should think twice if you want to have a party. Although, few would rather be popular by […]


Advantages of working out

Exercise basically means any movement that makes your muscles works in your body and it also required to burn calories as well. However when it comes for working out, there are many types of physical activities that you will come across. for an example, jogging, swimming, running, walking and dancing […]