For kids today, having fun means heading out of their homes and going someplace else where snacks, games, movies and music are available. While a parent can show their kids a great time at a theme park or an arcade full of games, none of them will really give you the opportunity to bond with your children in a way that will bring your family closer and make you a strong unit. Your home is the best place to do this and you will have to think out of the box to give your home an exciting new attraction that will make the kids want to spend more and more fun-filled nights at home. Here are a few ideas for you to work with.

Redefine movie night

There must be so many movies that you and your children enjoy alike and bringing home a state of the art blue-ray DVD is an easy thing to do. But what if you could create a theatre-like atmosphere at your own living space with a few minor adjustments? Arrange the seats in a way that would make the viewers feel comfy, turn down the lights in your entertainment room and keep the doors shut. Get your children hyped up about the night by giving them some fake money which they can use to purchase some home-made popcorn, candy, sweets and beverages from the kitchen before the movie. When everything id in place, let them in and see them go nuts about your creativity.


That’s right, camping! And we are not talking about heading out to the forest and sleeping amidst the wilderness camping, but a much more convenient kind that you can do in your own backyard. Put up a tent in the backyard, get a hold of some portable lamps, small chairs, sleeping bags, some good food and a cool box in which you can keep all the drinks and ice. Start off around the evening when there’s still a little light outside so the kids will get to witness the fall of darkness which is all part of the fun and adventure. Don’t forget to keep an instrument with you to play a few favorite songs with the children and talk on and on till late at night. You can go the extra mile and add an even bigger zing to it by building a mini campfire, if the conditions are right and there’s no danger for your family or the property.

Board games

This is a classic means of family entertainment, and even you must have played several back in your small days. Ask your children about their likes and dislikes to figure out exactly what they will enjoy, pick the best night, prepare some delicious snacks and drinks and sit down for the ultimate showdown with the best board games. It is important to select a game that doesn’t get boring as it goes on or brings down the number of players towards the end. Everyone must be fully involved in the game from the start till the end and there should be a high level of enthusiasm and competitiveness.

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