Perhaps you’ve handled the passing of a loved one before or you’ve seen what it’s like for families scrambling to make sense of what’s happening and you don’t want that to be your own family once you’re gone. This is an admirable wish, one that more people should start thinking of. The grieving period can be extremely tough on family members but they often have to balance that in order to make sure all the bills are paid, funeral arrangements are in order, the relatives’ needs are all met and all the assets are distributed equally. By following these steps you can make sure that your family’s worries are greatly lessened and they can use this period to grieve in peace.

Funeral Arrangements

Settling for prepaid funeral plans saves your family from making quite a few taxing decisions.  Funeral homes in this day and age are quite willing to accommodate your needs. With more and more people opting for this service, it’s becoming a popular choice since you can decide your funeral down to the minute details and there will no hidden costs that will confront your family.


To make sure one family member doesn’t get stuck with the brunt of the whole process, delegate between your kids/family members over who can take care of what. For example, one can take care of health care whereas the other can see to finances. Some might be more knowledgeable in certain areas than the other so make sure you hand out responsibilities accordingly. Keeping your family informed about what you expect from them is important so make sure there is no confusion once the time comes.

Healthcare Documents

There are two main documents involved when it comes to healthcare. Firstly, the living will, which outlines what medical processes you do and do not want and secondly, organ donation. You’ll also want to appoint a healthcare proxy i.e. someone that’s capable of making your decisions when you can’t speak for yourself. This doesn’t always have to be the person you’re most close to such as your spouse because it’s a lot of pressure to be putting on one person. This step is definitely one that merits plenty of thought.

Utilities And Electronics

Let’s not forget about the fact that we live in an electronically influenced world. Most of us have switched to paying our utility bills through electronic methods and this requires remembering usernames and passwords for every little thing. Make sure to note all these down and hand it to a loved one just in case so they don’t have to fumble through your mail or make countless calls to be able to access your utilities.

Estate Planning

When it comes to estate planning, it’s always best to review your arrangements every time a major life event occurs like a marriage, a birth of a child etc. That way you don’t forget what’s in your estate plans and they remain up to date. It’s also important to remember who you name as your beneficiaries. For example, generally once you get married, your wife is also appointed a beneficiary for appropriate assets.

These are the most important things to consider when trying to make your family’s life run smoother after your passing. It can be a hard process but it is indeed admirable that you wish to sort things out so your family can grieve.

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