With work and social media stealing most of our precious time we would otherwise spend with family and friends, these parties that come with a name, be it bridal or baby showers or even gender reveal parties, are giving us more opportunities to smile little more and have some fun with our loved ones whom we seem to abandon obliviously, when caught up with our busy lives. However, as much as we’d like to blindly dismiss it, we all know it’s not all fun and laughter and rainbows and confetti. It’s kind of sad, how much of us are ignoring the amount of money we’re throwing in the trashcan in the form of sophisticated paper plates and expensive glitter decoration, simply because they’ll look good on our insytagram posts which by way most of the time goes unnoticed. Kind of ridiculous, but most of us are guilty of it aren’t we. If you really want to make a change and go ecofriendly the next time you throw a party, check below for a teeny bit of inspiration. But before that remember, every small move counts.

Deco and Props.

This is where we go wrong. If we’re planning to have fun and stay happy, might as well do a favor to our money and bins. Instead of resorting to stick balloons in every nook and cranny and hang paper flowers everywhere, mostly being stepped on at the end the of the day, we could decorate with items than can be reused even after the party is over. This includes handmade garlands that sparkle with fresh flowers or floral fabrics, succulents, potted plants, glasses filled with roses, and soy based candles. After Googling photobooth services Singapore, you could even take that extra step and ask them to create a booth crafted with fresh blooms.

Table clothes And Dishes.

One thing to drill into you head when it comes to hosting party would be to ditch the disposables at all costs. Clumsy plastic table clothes and disposable plates can not only be resource consuming and extremely wasteful, but they don’t really give a great look do they? True enough a kitchen full undone dishes isn’t the most pleasant sight, but really that’s the only reason that could deter your chance to be kinder to your [planet. So consider using linen table clothes and real utensils, if you don’t have enough, borrow them from a friend or collect them at thrift shop. Just remember if there’s a will there’s always a way!

Food and Gifts.

You’re probably wondering how on earth you could go ecofriendly on food, and here’s how. Instead of serving pizzas and pastries, for a change, and to create a positive change, you could serve snacks made of organic fruits and vegetables, have mini chocolate fountains to dip fresh berries in, fair trade coffees and herbal teas with a pinch of lemon and of course a flower on the side. Drop at your local farmer’s market, and get what’s available for the season. And when it comes to giving gifts, don’t send your guests home with something that will sit idly inside store room closet, rather give them a little pot of plant, or other green favors, things made of reused, reusable and biodegradable items.

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