The arrival of a baby is super exciting that most parents forget the difference between what they need and what they want. You will most probably start decorating the nursery, buying all sorts of fancy clothes and shoes, filling up the nursery with toys and having the time of your life. But well, it could all go for a waste. So here are some common mistake you need to avoid in preparing the nursery.

  1. Rushing to decorate the baby’s room before he was born

Those beautifully decorated nurseries that are shown on movies and magazines are actually quite unnecessary during the first few years of the baby’s arrival so do not waste your energy on it. The baby will most probably sleep with you the first few years and hence he won’t even use the nursery. Fast forward to when he is around 4 years old and finally moving into his new room and everything is in blue but he hates blue, so now what? You’ve matched every item in the room ultimately to find out your child doesn’t even like any of the stuff. So don’t stress it. During the first few years, all you need are diapers, a changing table and a nursing pillow. So arrange the closet with baby and toddler shoes online and changing table but don’t rush with the decoration.

  • Buying an expensive crib and not protecting it

Cribs are not cheap, and you won’t think twice to spend quite a lot on it since you worry about your child’s safety. You will go for a longer term option of buying a crib that converts into a bed for when he grows and these are even more expensive. If you don’t protect it, it won’t last long. If you little one is not using the crib in the beginning, you will probably fill it up with heavy toys and diapers. Also, once your child starts teething, he will start biting the railings. So use some protective layers over the wood that is child friendly and also strong enough to protect the chewing.

  • Getting chic but uncomfortable rocking chair

You will be spending quite a lot of time in that rocking chair and if it isn’t comfortable, you will be utterly unhappy. If you love the rocking chair at your grandma’s place that you are so used to, bring it in. it doesn’t matter if it is old fashioned. The modern chairs could look great but feel like a drag that could give you severe back pains so choose coziness and comfort over the appearance.

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