Literary every womanadores flowers. This even maybe your ticket to making peace after a small fight or getting out of something that you have done to piss her off. Take my word for it, if ever you take the effort to specially present a romantic gestureof any sort for her, she is sure to be over the moon and the chances are that you will be forgotten.

Why wait for valentines, a birthday or even an anniversary to bring a smile to her. Everyday can be one of a kind with the right attitude and the effort to consistently see the blessing your life is bestowed with. Spice up the evening with a glass of red wine or send a across a bouquet of flowers to her while she is at work, do that little thing that would make her hectic day a little more tolerable knowing that she will be going back home to your loving arms,

So flowers it is. First things first, you need to know her go to flowers and boy if you can’t think of it under three seconds what are you even doing in this woman’s life?

You would never know the power of a single red rose until you see the change it brings on in a woman, it is hard to say what about it that makes her see you in a new light. All I can for sure is that good things are ahead for you! Wink!

Generally red flowers evoke passion. They are the most classic way to say ‘’I love you’’ without actually saying the words. Pink is a favoured colour among us ladies too. It signifies romance and is associated to celebrate motherhood, this is a lovely way to say thank to you your partner on the birth of your bundle of joy and will encourage her to adjust into her new role.

Congratulations bouquets Singapore come mostly in yellow. Yellow stands for happiness.This can be the perfect choice of colour to show her your cheering on her achievements and how much of joy she brings in to her life and how thankful you are of her presence in your life. On a dull and not so great day it will help her  get by the day and remember that there is a loving man in her life willing to share not only the ups but also the downs in life too.

White stands for purity. Thought it is not something you would associate in a romantic relationship it is widely used during wedding and other ceremonies.

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