Although men have their different kinds of tastes of women, the attraction tends to be quite generalized. This means that regales of the specific physical appearances that men like stereotypically like in women, what gets them to follow you behind like foxes is entirely different. It’s all about how you behave – here are 5 of the best behavioral hacks that gets men out of dens just like that.

  • Avoid swearing on social media

Although it might make your feel pretty cool to be that chill girl who doesn’t mind being judged and so on, a guy who wants a girl for a long time, will pay attention to the qualities like these. Social media is somewhere you need to be careful on what you say and what you share. Swearing is something that we all do but doing that on social media doesn’t make you look as classy as you want.

  • Stop flooding selfies

Feeling pretty is okay. Actually working on yourself and taking a moment to share it with the world is never wrong. But what’s going to remove that classy label off you is when you upload selfies all the time with incorrectly use hashtags… most of the men won’t find that spamming attractive.

  • Dress sharp

Regardless of the gender, when you’re well dressed, it surpasses those who are gifted with great appearances. In the day, let it be men or women, none of us are born perfectly. But if you followed a sharp style, it shows that you care about presenting yourself. Men like be seen with pretty woman. If you want to be what men find irresistible, this is one of the best effective elements, period.

  • Be a kind person – especially in the face of the world

In almost all the movies you’ve watched, the girl is always kind – a walk to remember, Dear John and you know the list. If you genuinely were a kind person, you won’t have to be kind especially for the face of the world. One thing that every man loves in a woman is the kindness. Since that allegedly make you attractive, it’s about time you improve your qualities for good.

  • Have alpha qualities

There was a time in history when women always had to obey what men said. But as at today, there are female presidents so the equality is at a whole new level. That’s why you need to present yourself as someone who can take a responsibility and possess some of the alpha qualities. Because in the end of the day, we all love who can take charge when they’re really not supposed to usually.

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