Everybody loves music and that’s a fact! While most individuals are satisfied with listening to their favorite tracks while they travel, work or party, there’s a special category who goes the extra mile and make what they love their profession. Making a song or a track for fun is quite enjoyable and isn’t all that difficult. However, doing it as a career can be a challenging task, especially in the highly competitive music industry of today. To become a professional musician talent alone will not be sufficient. You will have to allocate days and days on practicing, learning bout new things in the industry and of course loads of courage and patience to push through those rough patches you might face. In this article, we will be looking at 3 things you can do to excel at doing what you love, to become one of the greats in the future.

Continuous learning

Like any field of study, music is literally boundless and there will always be something new out there for you to learn every day.  Some professionals make the mistake of thinking they have completely mastered the art and in doing so, they shut themselves out of a world of new and exciting possibilities that would have made their music even better. To stay updated in this constantly changing industry, you must always learn whenever you can, from all the sources you can possibly find. Who knows, you might find the big inspiration you’ve been looking for all your life when learning from a veteran or even a rookie. Your life experiences too will play a major role in shaping your career and all the lessons you learn in life must be extrapolated to the profession to make better music that speaks to all.

Give it a 100%

All the legends in the industry of music lacks one thing in common, and that is time. You will have to allocate so much of your time for the job, that there may not even be enough time to spend with you friends and family. This kind of commitment is a necessity, especially during the initial stages of a musician’s career as they must spend time on practicing and finding good opportunities to establish themselves in the industry. You will have to sacrifice a fun weekend with your friends or a quality dinner with your family for a practice session or a gig, but always remember that you are making an investment for your very own future and fight the temptation.

Perform regularly

You may play your instrument better than anyone else in your room or the studio during practices and that’s great, however, unless you get out there and play in front of an audience to tame those butterflies I your stomach, you will never be a great performer. Even the biggest stars in the industry who rock huge arenas of audiences had to start off small and continue to teach themselves the art of overcoming the nervousness, pressure and stage fright before becoming who they are today. Therefore, cease every opportunity you get to perform and make yourself better with each try.


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